54% of plaintiffs win at trial in Wrongful Dismissal suits in the ONSC

Last month, the OCA decided in favor of the plaintiff in a major wrongful dismissal lawsuit brought by an employee of Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board. To get a sense of how courts have ruled in the past on similar cases, we ran an Outcome Report in the Loom Analytics system to see the outcomes of wrongful dismissal cases that were brought to trial in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Ontario Superior Court of Justice: How We Chose Our Starting Point

Loom’s goal is to give our users the flexibility to slice and dice legal data in as many different ways as possible. However, finding structure in unstructured data isn’t always easy. Below, Loom’s Data Manager, Nicole Watts, describes the process of choosing our data sources and the early challenges we faced when deciding how to structure the Loom database.